Monday, November 24, 2008

Mama's gonna check out all your girl friends for you, Mama won't let anyone dirty get through

My wife has a few friends in their late 20's that are still not married. Whenever she gets an idea for a good match she tries to set them up. Last week she tried to set someone up with a friend of mine who is in his late 20's too. She gave my friend some references to call, including another friend of hers who just got married a few weeks ago.

A few days later my wife gets a call from the friend that she gave as a reference. The friend said "I can't believe that you set up ______ with such a crazy guy."

Here's what happened: My friend didn't make the call, his father did. And, his father was asking INSANE questions, like: "Is her hair smooth and thin, or more full and flowing?"

Are people really that crazy out there? Asking about the TEXTURE OF A GIRLS HAIR?!?!?

The second issue that I have with this story is that this friend of mine is in his late 20's, and he runs a successful business. Why is his father making these calls for him? I always wondered why he's still single. Now I know. He should grow a pair and make the calls himself. He'd get married much quicker.

Has anyone else been asked crazy shiduch questions?

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Anonymous said...

His father either has a great sense of humor or is insane. Or both.
But its ridiculous that his dad is making those calls at his age.