Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Facebook dilemma

There are some people that you don't want to be friends with on Facebook, but you have to accept their requests, or you'll risk insulting them.

I really don't want to have my mother-in-law as a friend, but I had no choice but to accept.

Also, I have about 50 first cousins, and a few of them are young and impressionable. I sort of have to accept their friend requests or insult them.

A third category is coworkers. I HATE some of the people who I work with, but I had to accept their friend invitations.

Yesterday, a girl in my office made her status: "_____ wishes she could fast forward the day". About 5 minutes later her boss commented on her post: "I had to hit pause. We got work to do!". I would be pretty pissed if that happened to me.

So now I have a slew of relatives and acquaintances who I'd rather not be friends with as friends on Facebook. That means that I can't write a status update: "Squeak is having a shitty day". I have to write "crappy" or maybe even "lousy". It just doesn't convey the absolute shittiness of my day.

Are you friends with anyone who you didn't want to be friends with?


Anonymous said...

Same story. Sucks.
But I saw a funny screencap of a guy who got an email from his HR rep asking him to provide a doctors note that he was actually ill when he'd called in sick yesterday. He replied that company rules stated that notes weren't required for a one day absense. The HR rep emails him back with a screengrab of the guys facebook status from the day before which read "... is still hungover. F*** it, not going into work. Sickie day! Woo!"

EsPes said...

lol @ frumpunks story!

i accept anyone i know that requests me... but my rule for facebook is that anything that is on my profile, i dont care if anyone in the world that i know sees it. keeps things safe

Shorty said...

I disagree, you don't have to accept to be friends with people. If you don't respond, or hit ignore, they aren't told. Second, if you REMOVE friends, they aren't informed either. They may eventually figure it out, but they don't get a "you've just been removed" message.

That being said, yes i have removed and ignored requests. I've even been removed myself. Am i insulted? Can't say that i am.
If i was removed - why would i want to be "friends" with someone who clearly doesn't like me?